Automation Set-Up

Need a welcome email sequence building or a "if this happens, do this" series of commands? No problem! One of our awesome tech VAs can help. We offer a 2 hour session to work on whatever automation or workflows you need.

Automating your business is the best way to maximise your time, but what if it feels too complicated or you keep trying and getting it wrong? Instead of tearing your hair out trying to figure it out, offload your automation set up to a tech VA who can remove you from the time consuming constraints of manual processes to a streamlined, automated business set-up.

What's Included?

  • 2 Hour session to work on whatever automations you need

  • Complete workflow builds designed using your pre-defined plans

  • Zapier integration

  • We can work on many systems including Active Campaign, Go High Level, FEA Create, Hubspot and more

  • Work started within 24/48 hours of payment

How much does it cost?

The cost for Automation Set-Up is just £90. You can either book a call to discuss your requirements in more detail, or buy that time now and we'll contact you to get you set up with a tech VA who can get started within 24-48 hours. We advise you to write out what it is you want to achieve, or the solution you are looking for, to save as much time as possible, and maximise how much time a tech VA can focus on your project. We'll aim to complete as many automation/workflows as you require in those two hours but if we don't finish them all, simply top up your account using our pay as you option, to add more hours on as and when you need them.

Automation/Workflow Set-Up

Only £90!

Additional One-Off Support Options

Inbox Clean-Up


Organisation of your inbox

Filing, archiving & deleting emails

Free audit

CRM Migration


Moving CRM into new system

Field mapping

Complete new CRM set-up

Course Set-up


Complete course build

Course material organisation

Membership set-up inc.

Website Tidy-Up


Edits, improvements & additions

SEO & accessibility improvement

Free audit included

Want more regular support for our one-off services? We have specialised tech VAs who can support you on an ongoing basis from as little as £225 per month.

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