CRM Migration

If you're switching from one CRM system to another, but don't know where to start or don't have the time to do it, a tech VA is the answer you need.

Highly skilled in CRM automation, management, set-up and maintenance, a tech VA can migrate your CRM from one system to another, or set up your system from scratch, ensuring fields are accurately mapped, and no contacts are lost.

What's Included?

  • Field mapping before transfer including creation of bespoke fields/groups

  • Complete migration of contacts from one CRM to another

  • Additional migration of files

  • Up to 3 workflows/automations re-built or more if time allows

  • First time setup with import from spreadsheet database

  • Work started within 24/48 hours of payment

How much does it cost?

Our comprehensive CRM migration (or initial first-time set-up) means that you can keep running your business, whilst an experienced tech VA takes care of setting up or migrating your CRM system, ensuring all fields are mapped, and no contacts are lost. We will transfer over any additional files that need to be moved and will re-build up to 3 workflows/automations or more if time allows (up to 4 hours total time). If we run out of time and more workflows/automation set ups are required, simply top up your account with more time. Whilst our CRM migration does not include course/membership set-up, this can be purchased separately.

CRM Migration/Initial Set-Up

Only £200!

Additional One-Off Support Options

Inbox Clean-Up


Organisation of your inbox

Filing, archiving & deleting emails

Free audit

Automation Set-Up


Welcome email sequence builder

Comprehensive workflows

Zapier & 3rd party integrations

Course Set-up


Complete course build

Course material organisation

Membership set-up inc.

Website Tidy-Up


Edits, improvements & additions

SEO & accessibility improvement

Free audit included

Want more regular support for our one-off services? We have specialised tech VAs who can support you on an ongoing basis from as little as £225 per month.

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