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L.T. VA Services

Lisa and Kirsty are UK-based virtual assistants , skilled in areas such as tech, back office support, project management, HR, admin, customer service and professional minute-taking, to businesses worldwide. We provide business support and business operations to entrepreneurs , business coaches, property developers, sole traders, and medium to large sized enterprises.

Imagine having a skilled VA by your side, expertly managing the tasks that drain your time and energy. From tactfully handling your inbox to masterfully organising your schedule, our small business support team can transform your workday. With Lisa and Kirsty's expertise, you'll finally be able to focus on what truly matters - growing your business and pursuing your passion.

We know you're constantly juggling multiple responsibilities, often at the expense of your work-life balance. Our virtual assistant services can help you reclaim your time, boost your productivity, and reduce operational costs. Plus, we offer a unique advantage that sets us apart from other remote personal assistant services. Want to know our secret?

3 Ways More Time Will Benefit You


  • More time for bedtime stories, extra snuggles, the school run, after school activities, spontaneous day trips and time off during school holidays


  • More time to network, work on your business growth, putting yourself where you're needed most, and nurturing your customers. Utilising automation to streamline your processes and remove manual tasks.


  • More time for lunch dates, gym sessions during the day, extra time in bed and working less hours so you can have more fun

How Does It Work?

The first step is always in booking a call with us so that we can understand more about the type of support you need, and better direct you on things like how many hours you might need and how much it's going to cost. The process is really quite simple, you book a call, tell us your problem, we listen, then together agree on the best support plan.

If the support you need is ongoing admin, you will be matched with Kirsty, our Simply Admin support VA. If you require ongoing automation, tech, or marketing support, you will be placed with tech VA Lisa.

Once you're matched, you will pay your subscription or one-off support plan, and work begins! It's really that simple. And with L.T. VA Services, you can pause, cancel, downgrade and upgrade your plan anytime you like. If that wasn't flexible enough, you can also roll over unused time for up to one month!

Roles Generally Covered:
  • Account Manager

  • Administrative Assistant

  • Administrative Specialist

  • Auditing Clerk

  • Bookkeeper

  • Business Development Manager

  • Content Creator

  • Content Marketing Manager

  • Copywriter

  • Customer Care Associate

  • Customer Service Manager

  • Data Entry Clerk

  • Digital Marketing Assistant

  • Ecommerce Support

  • Editor/Proofreader

  • Events Coordinator

  • Executive Assistant

  • Filing Clerk

  • Help Desk

  • HR

  • Invoicing Manager

  • Market Researcher

  • Office Manager

  • Personal Assistant

  • Project Manager

  • Public Relations

  • Quality Control Specialist

  • Receptionist

  • Researcher

  • Secretary

  • Social Media Marketing Assistant

  • Transcriber

  • Travel Planner

  • Website Development Support

What can 5 more hours per month get you?
  • 1 Extra hour for playing with your kids

  • 30 Minutes to exercise or do something for you

  • 1 Hour to catch up with an old friend for lunch

  • 1 Hour to spend on that project you never have time for

  • 30 minutes to sort out your inbox

  • 1 Hour to spend on business growth

admin support for businesses

Our Virtual Assistants are UK-based and work for people just like you, all over the world. We can work around your time zone, with bespoke schedules organised between you and your dedicated VA. Don't need regular support? We also offer one-off packages for the most common problems business owners face including website support, minute-taking, and CRM and automation assistance. We're here to help you achieve more .

Virtual Assistant Services UK
It's hard trying to do everything yourself, and it's scary letting someone else help you. We understand that. But it's also the only way to unlock the full potential of your business. It's time to stop telling yourself things will get better in a few months time.

With our budget-friendly, adaptive services—satisfaction is guaranteed! Let us take the reins on your administrative tasks, streamline project management, and getter better systems and processes in place to ensure your business remains scalable. But most importantly (at least to us), free up your time to spend on what matters most, because life after all, is just too short.
award winning virtual assistant services
award winning virtual assistant services
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