5 Hours for 1 month completely free!

What's the catch?

There isn't one, and that's the truth! Here's the story...​When people book a call with us here at L.T. VA Services, almost all of the time, the same thing happens. The person on the other end of the phone or video call is nervous, scared, worried, and all those other negative nasty emotions that stand in the way of progression. It's horrible but I understand it because I was once there too. So, I thought, what if we could give away some free time to people in this position, to show them the benefits of delegation and how it can really help move your business forward? ​So, we launched our 7-Day Delegation Challenge, initially a download that came with a free code to give you 5 hours free which you could only get if you downloaded the guide. It worked! So, we decided to make it part of a bigger offer, BUT...there's always a BUT!

And here it is...

We can't give this away to everyone, all at once, it just isn't sustainable. Therefore, you have to register your interest and when the next space opens up, it's yours! We only open 2-3 spaces per month but the doors are always open!

So how does it work?

try a VA or free

1. Register your interest using the link below

virtual assistant services

2. When a space opens, we'll let you know

virtual assistant UK

3. Book a call to discuss your needs

Business support services

4. You sign up with a code to get 5 hours completely FREE!

And then what?

When your free time comes to an end, you can either continue to stay with us for 5 hours per month at the rate of the support plan you chose on your call (see plans here), you can upgrade your monthly hours, move to a pay as you go plan or say goodbye completely.

The choice is yours! ​Whatever happens, we'll just be glad we helped you for that time and hope that when you're ready in the future, you will remember us! ​See, told you it was simple!

virtual assistant services free trial

Well, there's nothing more to say! That's the offer, you know how to take advantage, there's no catch, all you need to do now, is sign up and wait your turn!

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